May 2012

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May 15, 2012




Alicja Pikula Beales Hotel Champion for April [top row pic 1]
Steve Hand & Steve Luckhurst – joint winners of the West Lodge Park Simply the Best for April [top row pic 2]
Krystian Michalowski, Kamel Fekih and Tobi Smith for achieving their Level 2 Food Safety Certificate [top row pics 3,4 & 5]
Wayne Turner (Executive Chef) on his forthcoming marriage to Leia Mintoff [bottom row left pic]
Katie White on her promotion to Meetings & Events Sales Manager at BH and Akasha Cawson on her promotion to Meetings & Events Co-ordinator
at BH. [bottom row pics 2 & 3]
Annita Nicolaou on her promotion to Training & Development Manager and to Carolyn Mills who is now joining Annita two days per week as Training & Develoment Co-ordinator. [bottom row pics 4 & 5]

Estates News

The Ilex bed (Holly) is now complete at WLP with over 20 different varieties of Ilex, new railway sleepers and plenty of mulch. [right]

Work at WLP includes a refurbishment of Bedroom 3, new curtains for Bedrooms 33 and 36, new staircase and corridor carpet up to Bedrooms 7 and 8, a sun blind for the Magnolia Room, terrace furniture refurb, staff accommodation upgrade, LED lighting in Chestnut Lodge bedrooms 84, 85, and 86, overflow car park lighting, pictures for Rooms 3, 50 and 51, new wooden headboards for Bedrooms 7, 20, 33, 36 and 70, and new chairs for Rooms 54 and 55.

Work at BH includes a new chair for Bedroom 6, new car park signage, wifi upgrade, new flags, new bathroom tiling in Bedroom 18, Buckland suite deck refurb, and new bollard lighting.

The TVs at both hotels have received attention and retuning following the analogue signal national switch off. We hope to upgrade all the TVs at BH this year, a huge task involving not only the TVs but also the integral mirrors, and surrounds in each room.

A new snow plough has been bought for WLP – this will probably mean no snow for the next decade, but at least we will be ready !

Special Events and Food and Beverage News

New events this month at WLP include an Arboretum Tour on 9th May, The Marylebone Trio Concert Dinner on 11th May, and the NGS Garden Open Day on 13th May.
New events this month at BH include a Creative Floristry course on 20th May, and great offers on restaurant and bedrooms throughout the month.
Christmas 2012 at WLP has now launched online and in print with a great selection of events over the festive period.
New Spring A la carte menu has launched at WLP, and new Spring and summer Lounge and room service menu has launched at BH.

Andrew Beale
Managing Director