Beales Hotels is an eighth generation family hotel business based in Hertfordshire, the oldest family business in the county and the second oldest in the London area, founded in 1769.

As befits a company of this vintage, we have a wide number of connections in the local community around Hertfordshire and North London and some of them are listed here.

We support a large number of worthwhile charities and causes, directly from the company, usually through sponsorship of reduced prices for our 4 star facilities, to assist with fundraising events, and also through the work of the Beale Trust founded by John Beale to support charitable activities in the local area and the wider world.

Andrew Beale – Managing Director

Key achievements include:

The Nightingale Community Hospice Trust is a local charity offering free services to people in the Borough of Enfield whose lives have been affected by cancer. Beales Hotels are happy to assist with fundraising events Main contact Mary Rose, Fundraising Manager.

Hertfordshire Community Foundation exists to tackle deprivation in Hertfordshire and beyond. Together we can make a difference. It is currently the largest non-statutory grant giver into the county.

West Lodge Park has been a long time supporter of this scheme through our Garden open days twice a year. The NGS collects millions of pounds each year for excellent charities such as Macmillan Nurses, Marie Curie, and Help the Hospices. Main contact Julia Grant Chief Executive

Founded 1936 and now with over 2250 members, charged with the challenge of maintaining the best of Enfield especially in the green belt areas. Beales Hotels are long term supporters of this organisation. Main contact Chris Jephcott President

Founded in 1964 charged with looking after the local environment in Hadley Wood of which West Lodge Park is one part. Very active with a superb local newsletter each month which West Lodge Park stocks for the interest of visitors. AGM held each year at West Lodge Park. Main Contact Rod Armstrong Editor

Cherry Lodge is based in Barnet as a wonderful drop in centre for cancer sufferers in the local area. Main contact Dr Margaret Clark Chairman

Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Association with a very vigorous MP Grant Shapps who has spent many months fighting to save the QE2 hospital in Welwyn Garden City, after the new hospital for Hertfordshire was first promised by the Labour government and then cancelled in an abrupt U-turn. Annual dinner and other fundraising events held at Beales Hotel Main contact Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Enfield Southgate Conservative Association

Enfield Southgate Conservative Association is a lively local association holding events at West Lodge Park and elsewhere locally. The father of the MP David Burrowes was a great friend of Trevor Beale, and David himself went to Highgate School with Andrew Beale’s brother Nick. Main contacts Rt Hon David Burrowes MP and Cllr Henry Lamprecht agent.

Worshipful Company of Bakers in the City of London. Beales Hotels has been in the baking trade for seven of the last eight generations and have always been represented in the Court of the second oldest guild. Founded in 1155 and high in the order of precedence. A wide range of fundraising activities takes place each year. Trevor Beale is a Past Master, and Andrew Beale is a liveryman. Main contact John Tompkins clerk

Looking after deprived teenagers in Luton and surrounding areas in the field of self harm and schools chaplaincy work. Andrew Beale is an active trustee of this charity. Main contact Chris Curtis Director

Looking after the interests of all involved in Hospitality particularly in the field of liaison with government departments and policy makers at Westminster. Andrew Beale serves on the London committee. Main contact Bob Cotton Chief Executive

A wonderful organisation linking Hertfordshire farmers and local businesses together. Main event each year is the Hertfordshire Show – motto “Proud to promote Hertfordshire”. Beales Hotels are firm supporters of the society. Main contact Mike Harman Secretary

Supporting small and medium size businesses in Enfield, Barnet and Haringey. Beales Hotels have hosted breakfast club events at West Lodge Park for many years. Main contact Veronica Meaney Business Development Manager

A wonderful place of respite for the children and their families in North London and South Hertfordshire. The hospice hosts fundraising events at West Lodge Park, a cause we are delighted to support. Main contact Gill Dodge CEO

Mount Vernon is the cancer centre for Hertfordshire, recently reprieved when the decision was made to not proceed with the new hospital at Hatfield. West Lodge Park recently hosted the launch of the appeal to raise £1M for additional research into cancer treatments and Beales Hotel is hosting a fashion show for fundraising for the very worthwhile appeal. Main contact Daniel Fletcher Head of Fundraising

At West Lodge Park we are proud to be credited with National Collection status for our collection of Carpinus Betulus (native British Hornbeam). The NCCPG is the body that oversees National Collections throughout the UK. We are hopeful of being awarded National Collection status for our Taxodiums, including the very fine Taxodium Distichum which is one of the signature trees at the hotel. Main contact Chloe Hughes Collections Administrator

One of the fine public schools in the area. Beales Hotels sponsored an excellent jazz evening at the school in 2006. Main contact Helen Tranter Development Director

A very fine girls school near to both West Lodge Park and Beales Hotel with many links to both hotels over the years. Main contact Sue Wood

For many years West Lodge Park has hosted groups of children from Hadley Wood Primary School – at the hotel, the children learn how to make beds, fold napkins, lay tables, plan menus and discover the elements of basic food hygiene and what life is like working in a fine hotel. A rewarding day is had by the school children and the hotel staff alike