June 2006

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June 15, 2006




…..to the BH team awards: Guests Choice Sam Wilberforce, On the Stage John Farron, Behind the scenes Mark Harris.

…to Nicola Loasby pictured right receiving her A2 Assessors Award


Look out for new brochures that have recently been published:

1. Group brochure showing all 3 hotels – a very useful sales tool.
2. BH Christmas brochure which looks stunning
3. BH Special events flyers
4. BB Christmas brochure

Web site

check out www.bealeshotels.co.uk/index_gallery.htm for stunning new shots of the upgraded Buckland Suite at BH

Staff Development

ESOL English language training has started at WLP with Daniel, Waldemar, Wojciech, Mariusz, Wioletta, Hector, Katarzyna, Natalya and Thomasz all getting to grips with formal language training, provided by Oaklands College. This programme has been successfully implemented at BB over the past year and is very useful indeed for the members of our teams from overseas.

Company inductions take place at WLP on Monday 3rd July at 2pm and at BB on Thursday 13th July at 10am – all are welcome and all new staff are required to attend

Grant Cook will be conducting Arboretum tours around the wonderful grounds of WLP in the next month

A hugely disappointing start to 2006/7, with Easter in April as opposed to March last year making year on year comparisons difficult. So far June is looking much stronger, particularly at BH and BB.

And finally…

In true world cup spirit, the A team from WLP played the A team from BH in a football match worthy of Germany 2006. The score was 10-0, but it would not be fair of me to say who was on the receiving end of the thrashing to beat all thrashings!

Andrew Beale
Managing Director