January 2009

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January 15, 2009




…the teams at WLP and BH who have worked so hard over the Christmas season. The hotels were beautifully decorated in all the public areas, the food coming out of the kitchens was delicious, the entertainments were some of the best ever, and the general comments from our guests were very positive at this hardest of seasons to get right. (WLP pic right and BH pic far right).

…the Estates team on completion of two more bedrooms at WLP – Room 41 is in a floral light blue and cream scheme, while Room 42 is a clubby brown and gold striped scheme. Both bedrooms are now double rooms, with flat screen TV, ensuite bath and shower, and stunning views over the Enfield Chase to the front of the hotel. (R.42 pic right, R.41 pic far right).

The end of an era

…farewell to the Cedar Restaurant and Terrace Bar at WLP as they shut for the last time to make way for the new Mary Beale Restaurant and Terrace Bar which are opening at the start of March. The hotel is very much open for business with our restaurant in the Lancaster Room and the bar in the King Charles room for the next couple of months. (Gutted Cedar Restaurant pic right).

…When the Mary Beale Restaurant reopens, the transformation will be very exciting to see, with a bar counter twice as long as at present, a built in buffet area for those cooked breakfasts and conference lunches, an end to the beams in the ceiling and the brick walls, upgraded lighting and sound system, and dramatic original artwork by Mary Beale, Britain’s first professional woman painter. (pic of Mary Beale left).

Other Estates related news

includes the successful application for 5 years more planning permission for the Edward Beale room conservatory, the replacement of 7 new stone vases stolen from WLP (pic 1), the painting of the Magnolia room in er….magnolia (pic 2), new blinds on the Buckland suite doors, new 4’ beds in WLP bedrooms 60 and 62 with matching headboards (pic 3), and the completion of upgrades to WLP bedroom 70 (pic 4).

And finally…

The relentless bad news from the banking, manufacturing and retail sectors can’t help but have an impact on the hotel sector. Already several hotel groups with bad business models have gone into receivership, and rates are being cut in both corporate and leisure markets. Nevertheless Beales Hotels, with low borrowings and a conservative outlook are much better placed than many to weather the downturn with two superbly maintained four star hotels in prime locations, fantastic teams delivering great customer care, and projects and plans taking us firmly towards the future, will all help us to weather the current recession and come out stronger once the inevitable bottom of the cycle is reached.

In the meantime, I wish all our guests, our staff, our shareholders and our suppliers a very happy new year, and please come and enjoy all the hotels have to offer in 2009!

Andrew Beale
Managing Director