February 2013

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February 15, 2013




To Ron Clark (WLP doorman) on his first 5 years with Beales Hotels [1st pic]

To Sumi Saranachchi Beales Hotel Champion for January 2013 [2nd pic]

To Marc Kerr Beales Hotel Champion for 2012 [3rd pic]

To Peter Brassington West Lodge Park Simply the Best for January 2013 [4th pic]

To Dave Seward and all the WLP team on reaching 1st place on Tripadvisor in January out of all 127 hotels in Herts – a fantastic achievement ! [5th pic]

Events, Sales and Food and Beverage News

New BH Food and Drink menu features for the first time cocktails, and a bright new cover to attract our guests to stay in for room service or bar meals rather than go out for dinner [pic left]

New Simchas 2013/14 brochure is launched to attract our Jewish friends to both BH and WLP [pic far right]

Valentines dinners at WLP and BH will be popular on the 14th February at WLP and the 14th and 16th February at BH

The start of the WLP concert season for 2013 is on 8th February with cellist Laura Seddon and a stunning programme. [pic near right]

Wedding exhibition at BH on 24th February, and a Wedding and banqueting open day at WLP at the same time – why not visit both and compare traditional versus contemporary for your special day or family occasion ?!

New food and drink innovations at WLP include Pastries and a hot beverage for £5 [pic right] and a DIY bloody Mary [pic far right]

Estates News

Rooms 80 & 81 are completed with a new wallpaper and paint scheme along with new ceiling spots. Lovely views from these rooms too ! [left and middle pic above]

The new WLP snow plough, pictured here with Head Gardener Paul Baynes, has been extremely useful during this snowy January enabling the hotel to remain fully open at all times even in thick snow. [right hand pic above]

Andrew Beale
Managing Director