August 2008

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August 15, 2008



Congratulations to

…Wojciech Gumprecht awarded Simply the Best at West Lodge Park for July 08.

…Diego Granada ,Barry Crossley, Sarah Harrison, Claire Johnston, Yioda Joannou, Carolyn Mills, Dagmar Dvorackova, Jacek Swicecki, Dave McIntyre, Mihaela Mindru, Charlotte Dunnell, Natalie Weiher for graduating from the Beales Hotels Blue Mountain Leadership and Management training programme [pic right]. I am so proud of you all.


to Callum Kennedy [pic 1] and Joede Kennedy [pic 2] in September, and to Lauren Pryor [pic 3] in November and to Steve Sims [pic 4]. We will miss you all very much indeed and give you our very best wishes for your exciting futures ahead of you.Awards update

Estates News

…At BH, negotiations continue over the price of the 19 bedroom and spa top floor with the current estimate now down from £2.4M to £1.75M which is encouraging.

…The £150k order for air conditioning of the 53 existing rooms at BH is being placed this week – an exciting moment and one that will solve the only area of discomfort for someof our guests at the hotel. We will be the only fully air conditioned hotel in Hertfordshire and better than ever as a result.

…At WLP, the £250k order for the complete refurbishment of the Cedar Restaurant and Terrace Bar will be placed this month, including new walls, ceilings, double length bar and a built in buffet area for breakfasts and conference lunches. The first phase of new furniture has already happened with many positive comments from our guests [pic right top].

…We are also planning the full refurbishment of WLP bedrooms 40 (October), 9 (ex-Safiya in November), 41 (December), 58 (January), 42 (February), and 5 (March).

…The WLP terrace is now improved with the addition of cushions on the chairs – again many good comments from our guests [pic right bottom]

…New windows have been ordered for 54, 55, 56, 58, 60 and 62 at a cost of over £1k each.

…New extra comfortable Hypnos pocket sprung beds arrive this month for 3, 7,8, 20, 48, 49, 50, 57, 61, 63

And finally…

Beales Hotels boat trips have continued this summer with long lazy days on the river, good food and great company [pic right]

Andrew Beale
Managing Director