March 2010

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March 15, 2010



Congratulations to!

Santina Courtenay–Luck (Reception), voted Simply the Best for January 2010 at WLP [top left pic]

Matthew Croxford, Emma Curtis, Santina Courtney-Luck, Will Ablett, Samuel Chamberlain, Dimitri Kyprianou and Sarah Harrison of WLP [top right pic] and Amy Tregidgo, Stacy East, Christie McVeigh, Kieran Wheeler and Colin Bates of BH [pictured bototm left] with Helen Bennett of Human Reality after successfully completing the recent Customer Care Course (Creating Raving Fans).

Stephen Banks (Pastry Chef WLP) on 10 years excellent service in the WLP kitchen, seen here with Tony and Andrew [bottom right pic]

Marketing news

Beales Hotels Funeral Receptions brochure is now out, printed in a sensitive and low key manner for the many guests that seek to have a reception for their loved one after a funeral service or cremation locally [left pic]

WLP Christmas 2010 brochure is now out – never too early and we are always surprised by the enquiries for Christmas when most people haven’t planned what they are doing next weekend! [middle pic]

New Wedding packages at BH make it very easy for brides and grooms to pick the right reception for them, and for any of the team to easily demonstrate the great affordability of our weddings at this wonderful hotel [right pic].

Estates news

…Another lovely bedroom upgraded at WLP. This time it is Bedroom 86 in Chestnut Lodge which has received new Zoffany wallpaper, new lighting, and newly painted woodwork. New wooden headboard to follow [left pic]

…An excellent new building has been built over the winter months at BH, to house the maintenance department and to provide more storage for banqueting chairs and tables [pic right].

And finally…

WLP hosted the Beales Hotels Pensioners lunch this week – a joyful occasion where over 30 former members of staff aged from mid 60’s to 90 came together to celebrate memories of working in this wonderful family firm. The longevity of service was again a feature with over 600 years at Beale’s between all present. Equally the happy times when at work were mentioned time and again, whether in tough physical jobs like housekeeping, kitchen or banqueting, or in more mentally demanding office and management roles. It was a delight to see so many dear colleagues, who have now become dear friends as well.

Andrew Beale
Managing Director