December 2010

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December 15, 2010



Congratulations to!

Martin Talajka, (Estates team WLP) on being awarded the Simply the Best award for October [top left pic]
Ellie McVeigh, (Reception and Restaurant BH) on being awarded the Employee of the Month award for October [top middle pic]
Denise Parkinson, (Executive Housekeeper BH) on 15 years of service to Beales Hotels [top right pic]
Colin Bates, (Maintenance BH) on 5 years of service to Beales Hotels [bottom left pic]
Katie White, (Meeting and Events Sales Co-ordinator BH) on her appointment at BH [bottom middle pic]
Wayne Turner, (Executive Chef Beales Hotels) on a 91% score on the latest WLP kitchen hygiene inspection [bottom right pic]

Estates news…

…A small fire broke out in the boiler house of WLP early on Sunday morning 31st October. This was caused by water ingress to the main fuse board and knocked out our entire electricity supply for four days. The team were fantastic in looking after our guests, and then came the task of sorting it all out. This was done as quickly as possible and credit is due to Tony King, Dave Seward, Grant Cook, Gary Andeen and all who helped us get back up and running. Fortunately the website server is away from here so we were able to post regular web updates for our guests as we had no phones or other means of communication. [Tony, Dave and Grant top row left to right]
…A new coffee station is being installed at BH Outsidein Restaurant giving the staff the ability to make espressos cappuccinos and the like without leaving the restaurant. [bottom left pic]
…Work begins on Room 10 at WLP which is receiving a makeover [bottom right pic]

Marketing news…

…The website navigation on has been transformed with dropdown toolbars to make finding the numerous pages much easier [screenshot top left pic]
…The WLP Special events programme 2011 is now live on the web and features a beekeepers day, a busy concert series, and the usual special events throughout the year. [top right pic]
…Christmas is of course the focus at both hotels now with a fantastic series of events at both hotels to keep our guests amused and our staff very busy [pics of hotels bottom left & right].

And finally…

… another year goes by, and Beales Hotels remains in fine form despite the deep recession, with huge improvements made at both hotels including :
Free wifi at both hotels BH safes in executive bedrooms
WLP fireplace WLP bedroom refurbs 26, 83, 43, 59, 84, 10
BH talkbar TV WLP John Evelyn suite carpet and blinds
WLP bed replacement programme completed WLP 190 banqueting chairs
BH reception area counter WLP kitchen ranges and rational oven
WLP Ladies WLP cloakroom

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our guests, staff, shareholders and suppliers. 

Andrew Beale
Managing Director